We are looking for someone with experience in acquiring, managing and processing geospatial data and experience in scientific programming in Python.  The main responsibilities will be to populate and maintain the DataCube with environmental data, to enhance its capabilities and to support internal and external users.

The successful candidate will have an excellent opportunity to build their career in a growing company to contribute to the practical application of environmental data to solve real world problems. There will be opportunities to participate in different projects where the DataCube is the main source of spatial data, from identifying environmental teleconnections that lead to coffee berry borer incidence in Colombia, to modelling biopesticides for locust control in China.

For full Job description and persons specification look here.

Main duties and responsibilities:
  • DataCube Operations
    • Monitoring and maintaining operating status
    • Running processing jobs to derive new information products from the DataCube
    • Automated verification, validation and assessment of derived products
    • Authoring and maintaining documentation
  • Software development in Python to add new functionality to the DataCube and its API
  • Deployment and data management
    • Setting up new instances of the DataCube and its http server
    • Managing downloads of data and populating the DataCube
  • User Support
    • Setting up and managing user access
    • Maintaining and deploying Jupyter notebooks using Jupyter Hub in a cloud environment, e.g. Google Compute Engine.
    • Providing user support for the DataCube‚Äôs API


To apply, please send your CV, with a covering letter including:

  • A summary of your experience and suitability for the post
  • Details of your current role and salary

to: by 16 December 2019  .  Interviews will be held in January 2019.

If you have any questions about the role, please drop us a line at