Assimila – making sense of Earth observation and environmental data.

Using our expertise in Earth observation data and environmental modelling, we address real world problems – helping our customers understand, monitor and predict the environment. Agriculture, land and climate risks are particular focus areas

Established in 2006, we:

  • develop innovative techniques to transform data into useful information for sustainable environmental management
  • build tools and applications for operational systems
  • provide consultancy services for Earth observation programmes

By fostering the uptake of cutting-edge techniques, and making them into practical, operational applications, we bridge the gaps between the academic, government and business worlds.

We’re a small, flexible and talented team, with expertise in Earth observation, data assimilation, space research and geo-computing.

We are motivated by tackling environmental issues, whilst maintaining the highest levels of quality and scientific integrity.

We love what we do and we are proud of our work.

Some highlights of our work
The Assimiladata cube

Opening up the growing wealth of Earth observation data, the Assimila Data Cube provideseasy access and analysis tools for environmental big data, based on Cloud Optimised GeoTiffs

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Climate risks

Our expertise in Earth observation data and climate scenarios gives us a unique ability to develop climate risk indices and decision support tools.

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Managing crop pests

We are using Earth observation data to predict pest risk and to guide the application ofbiopesticides – which destroy pestswithout the environmental damage of chemical pesticides.

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